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Coating evaporates by itself


SCANTIST 3D - Vanishing spray evaporates (sublimates) within minutes after use and there is no need for time-consuming removal of the coating or cleaning of the surroundings. SCANTIST 3D - Vanishing does not contain any pigments and therefore no harmful titanium dioxide (TiO2).


100% scannable - for perfect results


The matte, white coating provided by SCANTIST 3D - Vanishing improves the optical properties of tooth models, plaster casts, preparations, individual stumps and impressions. Translucent and shiny objects can now be optimally captured by the scanner. 


Fine and homogeneous coating


SCANTIST 3D - Vanishing forms a homogeneous and very fine homogeneous coating on the object after application. The fine details in geometry and surface are not obscured and objects can be scanned more accurately. 

about us


The laborious cleaning of 3D scanners, objects, the laboratory and other equipment is finally over. The SCANTIST 3D team has focused on making life easier for the dental CAD/CAM technicians and improving the quality of our scanning sprays.

Our team of developers has worked intensively on the innovative SCANTIST 3D sprays and is proud to make these new products available to the dental world. 

Our claim is the highest quality scanning spray with the most modern features!

We love hearing feedback from the dental community and are always open to questions.

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Calgary, AB Canada  |  Tel: 587-352-0221

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