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Spray SCANTIST 3D - Vanishing evenly from a distance of 5-10 cm. Spray the entire surface to be scanned.

SCANTIST 3D - Vanishing is applied “wet”. The solvent evaporates within a few seconds, while the active ingredient remains as a coating on the surface. 
The degree of whiteness of the coating increases as the evaporation of the solvent progresses.

If drops form on the scan object, or if the applied matting remains “wet” for a longer period of time, increase the spraying distance or the spraying speed to obtain a thinner layer of the product. The ideal ambient temperature is 21 ° C / 69.8 ° F.

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After SCANTIST 3D - Vanishing is completely dry , the object can be scanned as usual. 

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The applied layer of SCANTIST 3D - Vanishing evaporates automatically after scanning. The otherwise time-consuming removal of the coating after use is no longer necessary.

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